Total Body Photography

What is total body photography?

Total body photography is a tool for the early detection of skin cancer. Clinical photographs are taken of your entire skin surface to track new and changing skin lesions over time.

We use Intellistudio for TBP.

Your Skin Doctor can compare sets of photographs, and old photographs to your current skin, to track lesions and monitor for new and changing lesions and growth over time.



What are the benefits of TBP?

Research shows that TBP can help in the early diagnosis of melanoma in high-risk patients, particularly
patients with a high number of moles or a history of multiple primary melanomas.

In studies of high-risk patients, approximately one-third of melanomas are diagnosed solely based on
change detected on TBP.

Melanomas detected based on TBP are more likely to be diagnosed at an early
stage when they are lower risk and have more chance of successful treatment.

In addition, TBP has been shown to spare patients from the unnecessary excision of benign (noncancerous) lesions.

It’s important to understand that TBP is just one surveillance technique for melanoma. It should be used
as a complement to routine clinical examination.